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Some of what people are saying...

Kirk Williams

If you’re looking for someone to work with you and your needs, keep you motivated and interested, and someone who’s fun to work with, call Scott.

Kirk Williams, American Express
Joel Cannon

Scott offers a rare balance of technical knowledge and discipline with good natured flexibility and enthusiasm.

Joel Cannon, TenKsolar
Alison Smith

If you have a heart for success, Scott is the perfect person for you!

Alison Smith, Caribou Coffee
Steve Boehlke

If you want to be challenged and supported (and even have some fun along the way) work with Scott!

Steve Boehlke, SFB Associates

And one of my favorites...

Beth Erb

Even though I have been successful in my industry I hit a point in my life where I was stuck. I lacked the x-factor energy and the mental clarity that I used to have. What was working for me before was no longer working. I felt frustrated, exhausted, and needed direction.

When I was shopping for a coach, I was looking for specific “kick in the pants” coaching. I was not looking for cheerleading. I needed someone to understand where I was, listen, and give specific direction. I was looking for clear, concise; coaching that was relevant for my business in today’s market – no fluff and old ideas.

What I found with Scott was much more than I expected. He over delivered in every way. From our initial appointment to his specific follow up and coaching sessions I knew that he was invested in helping me be successful.

Scott showed up for every appointment present, clear, and in tune with the task of coaching me. Each session I felt that he knew where we were in the process. He remembered our last conversation and knew exactly where we needed to go in the next step. When he coached me I felt heard, I felt challenged, and I felt that it was a very safe space where I could be honest and real so he could help walk me through whatever needed to happen next.

During one of our last sessions he even said “you are not the same person I met months ago.” And he was exactly right. Scott helped me regain what I lost through the process of a job change, divorce, and life upheaval.

Scott helped me refocus and I am incredibly grateful for his direction. What I paid for his coaching was a fraction of what I received in the return personally and professionally. My business grew almost 30% and personally I felt renewed, clear, and again living with purpose and passion!

Beth Erb, Wildtree

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Scott Welle Scott Welle
Founder, Outperform The Norm