How to DEMAND More of Yourself

Video Details How to Raise Your Personal Standard of Excellence

High achievement comes from demanding more of yourself. There is no other way. Maintaining is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.

Some people fear this demand. Outwardly, they'll claim to fear failure but what they're really fearing is success and the demands and responsibilities that come with it.

The remedy is to condition your psychology to have higher expectations of yourself than anyone else could ever place on you. When you do this, constant pressures and external weights fade away.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Yes, it is. But it’s easy to do in theory; difficult to do in application.

Demanding more of yourself starts with raising your personal standard of excellence. You need to know what defines you and what you’ll accept (and won’t accept)…in ALL areas of life.

I break your personal standard of excellence into 4 buckets:

1 - Health & Wellness
2 - Professional & Career
3 - Relationships & Social Interaction
4 - Spirituality

Every single Outperformer I’ve met knows how to raise their game and get more out of themselves, in business, athletics and LIFE. You can start by identifying the three words that will serve as your “checkpoints” in how you will live your life, starting now and sustaining forward.

Come back to these often, in everything you do. Discipline yourself to adhere to them and you’ll find yourself performing at your individual best, day in and day out.

In health, happiness and high performance,

- Scott