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3 Ways Outperformers Embrace Change

How "Airplane Mode" Can 10X Your Productivity

Becoming World Class in Anything You Do

Achieving Peak Performance and Productivity

How the Best Perform Under Pressure


  • Sample Strength Training Workout
  • Cardio Workout Program
  • My Untold Story
    My Untold Story

    I'm a 5-time Ironman finisher and 25-time marathoner, but that doesn't mean my road has been easy. This podcast reveals some of my personal struggles and how I've overcome them to get me to where I am now. I never tell people it's going to be easy...but I do tell them it's going to be worth it 🙂

  • Total Confidence
    Total Confidence

    The one non-negotiable, distinguishing characteristic of successful people is confidence. This audio download will show you how.

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