The Science of sales success

Google “Sales Training Programs” and you’ll receive over 33,700,000 hits. These programs are a dime a dozen - they mostly talk about the same things: overcoming objections, creating solutions, building relationships, better questioning, benefits > features, closing the sale, etc.

It’s time for a fresh, new approach.

The game has changed and to join the elite ranks of Sales Outperformers, you need to leverage your greatest asset—your people—by optimizing the psychology, productivity and persuasion necessary for them to perform at their highest level...consistently. 

This means more than sales scripts and templated tactics. When you’re a Sales Outperformer, you wake up every day, knowing how to get the best results by harnessing the three pillars that make this possible. 

The Best SElling Sales Book


OUTPERFORM for Sales is a collection of my BEST strategies to accelerate your sales results. 

The three sections:

Psychology: What you think and how you think about it. Conditioning your mind for sales success. Harnessing the strength of your thoughts. 

Productivity: What you do and how you do it. Doing the right things and doing the things right. Being targeted and maximally efficient and effective with your time. 

Persuasion: What you communicate and how you communicate it, online and offline. Influencing others through the science of our buying behaviors. 

This book gives you a step-by-step, easy-to-digest guide of what the top salespeople in the world do to perform at the highest level...and stay there.


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Scott Welle Sales Training

Are you the leader of a sales team, company or organization? Want them to OUTPERFORM?

Nothing replaces the energy and motivational juice of a LIVE training. The audience will leave educated, empowered and entertained, and will walk out the door with sales tools to put in their sales toolbox immediately.

Trainings can be customized from 1-hour to full-day.